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Pre-K Intensive

At a Glance:

Ages 4-5
Ten 30 min lessons

4-5 days per week


Give your child what they need to thrive right from the start.


In Pre K Reading, students from ages 4 to 5 learn the alphabet letter names and the sounds for each letter. Through the Orton Gillingham approach and highly engaging systematic multi-sensory activities, students learn to combine sounds together to read  simple words cat, bat and sit. By the end of Levels 1 and 2, children are able to read short decodable books. Tutors leverage children's love of games, social interaction and the online environment over Zoom to enable students to have fun while learning!


Level 1:

Letter names and sounds. Introduction to blending sounds to create words. Reading a simple decodable book with support.

Level 2:

More letter sounds and more blending to become more comfortable reading one, two and three letter words. Reading a simple decodable book with little to no support.

When: Ongoing according to availability.

$400 online (30 min sessions)
$700 in person (50 min sessions)

Cost Includes:

  1. Ten 30 minute one-on-one lessons OR ten 50 minute one-on-one lessons

  2. Lesson notes after each lesson

  3. Practice activities for each lesson

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