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How we teach reading
& spelling

Our Approach

At The Literacy Corner, we use a well-known and widely-used reading instruction approach based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham method. This approach is multisensory, phonetic, and sequential. Our typical lessons, using this approach, will have several key components:

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Our approach is grounded in the concept of multisensory learning which simply means that we use the student's multiple senses to reinforce learning. In a reading lesson, this might involve using visual aids, such as letter cards, while also saying the sound of the letter out loud or physically tracing out the shape of the letter.


Synthetic Analytic

In our lessons, students learn to both synthesize and analyze words. They might start by sounding out individual phonemes and then blend them together to form words, or they might take a word apart and identify its individual phonemes.



Students practice the same skills and concepts multiple times in order to reinforce their learning and build fluency. Enaging and interactive activities keep students motivated and looking forward to each lesson as new neural pathways are developed.

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A key feature of our methodology is its diagnostic approach to teaching. Teachers assess students' skills and abilities and tailor lessons to meet their specific needs. This might involve adjusting the pace of instruction, using different teaching methods, or providing additional support.


Phonetic Alphabetic

Another key component of our approach is the focus on phonetic alphabetic instruction. This means that students learn to associate specific sounds with specific letters or letter combinations. For example, they might learn that the letter "c" can make different sounds depending on the vowel that follows it (e.g. "cat" versus "cent").

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Our approach is also highly sequential meaning that lessons build on each other in a logical and structured way. Students progress through a series of skills and concepts, regularly reviewing these prior skills and concepts, until mastery is gained.



Our lessons are also cumulative meaning that earlier skills and concepts are continually reviewed and reinforced as new ones are introduced. This helps students build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

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Our approach is highly prescriptive meaning that our lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. We use diagnostic assessments to identify specific areas of strength and weakness and then create a customized learning plan that addresses those needs.

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