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Tutoring Excellence

Reading, Spelling, Writing & Math

We provide in-person and online tutors for children who struggle with reading and spelling - particularly those with suspected or diagnosed dyslexia. We use an Orton Gillingham based phonics approach and other research based programs and tools to maximize learning and engagement.

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Our mission is to help students excel in reading and spelling. With this goal at the forefront of everything we do, we come alongside families, education assistants and teachers to help children and students achieve their full learning potential.

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We envision a future where no child is left behind when it comes to learning! We provide flexible scheduling and affordable pricing to reduce the barriers to entry for children who would benefit from tutoring. 

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We are a team of 30 tutors who are specially trained to provide reading instruction and support using an Orton Gillingham based phonics approach. We currently tutor online and in person in Vancouver, North Vancouver, East Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Poco, Ridge-Meadows, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and - yes, we know, totally random - Winnipeg! 


Dana Haynes founded The Literacy Corner shortly after the birth of her now 8 year old son.  Before starting The Literacy Corner, Dana graduated with honours in Education and Linguistics from Simon Fraser University. Following her graduation, she spent three years mentoring university students in leadership development and then 12 years as a full-time English language teacher and part-time tutor to students from the ages of 5 to 65!


Dana is passionately committed to using effective, reputable, research based approaches and programs

while keeping instruction flexible, engaging and individualized.


- Elementary School Teacher of Student

"I just wanted to let you both know that yesterday [the student] offered to read our morning message out loud, and I was so impressed with him. He was able to read carefully and fluently, and was so much more confident in his ability. He was eager and excited to read to the class. He's going to do so well this year."

- Mom, Mission, BC

Our son absolutely loves his sessions with [his tutor]. He was wondering if
both she and [the owner] can come teach at his school. :)

- Mom, Maple Ridge, BC

We are happy with [our tutor]. She has helped our daughter so much!

Her literacy has improved and she was able to write a paragraph with 92 words. Her math is also improving!

-Mom, Surrey, BC

We have greatly appreciated (TLC tutor). (Student) has made such great progress. The school even took him out of Learning Support for reading. His teacher said she had not seen that happen outside of learners with English as their first language."

- Mom, Chilliwack, BC

Our daughter's tutor is absolutely wonderful!!! She figured out a way to connect with our little girl who is very shy and doesn't like video calls. She worked with her interests.

She's a whisperer in her work. 

- Grandma, Maple Ridge, BC

My daughter phoned me today and her first words were "[Our tutor] is fantastic!" She then went on to say how she hears her talking to her son, encouraging him and using words he can understand. She said [the tutor] is a bright spot in their day!

- Mother of High School Student, Surrey, BC

(It) makes me so happy to read about her progress to date. Looking forward to further growth next year....thank you for understanding her and for being alongside her journey.

- Mom, Abbotsford, BC

Our daughter is loving her time with [her TLC tutor] so far. She definitely struggles to stay focused and on task, but [her tutor] is wonderful at keeping her engaged. 

- Mom, Lower Mainland, BC

Everything is going very well with (student). (The student) is really comfortable with their tutor, engaged, and presenting as motivated. They are already making good progress. We couldn’t be happier with (our tutor). They are so good with (the student) and make the learning fun. 

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