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Our tutors are hand picked for their exceptional backgrounds and expertise

Our Tutors

Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds including special needs teachers, linguistics majors, autism spectrum disorder specialists, certified teachers, Orton Gillingham trained educators and retired homeschool parents of children with special needs. All of our tutors are trained to teach reading through our Orton Gillingham based approach. However, each of them comes with additonal specializations. Keep reading to see a sampling of just a few of our tutors. 

Lisa B.

lisa bewley_edited.jpg

Lisa is a BC certified teacher with 26 years in the classroom and working with students one on one. Her experience spans elementary to college-aged learners. Her lessons are animated by her infectious joy, creating an inviting atmosphere that stimulates intellectual curiosity. Lisa also possesses the keen ability to gauge and respond to her students’ individual learning paths. This is particularly invaluable in her work with students with special needs and those for whom English is a second language. Lisa received her Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University and her Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix. Lisa is also TESL-certified and is an accredited life coach. These additional certifications add an extra layer of depth to her teaching. Lisa’s combination of experience, enthusiasm, adaptability, along with her strong educational background make her an exceptional tutor, committed to fostering meaningful learning experiences that empower her students to thrive.

Yasmine F.


Yasmine excels in teaching Mathematics. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University, with a joint major in Mathematics and Biology. Her years of experience working with children across different fields have honed her understanding of diverse learning styles. Yasmine's positive and warm approach, combined with her strong academic foundation, enable her to help students grasp of complex mathematical concepts.

Alysha K.


Alysha has been tutoring students of all ages for over twelve years. As a tutor, she is patient and able to put her students at ease. Her vast experience has allowed her to find ways to accommodate varying learning styles and challenges. Alysha graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has also been trained in the Literacy Links phonics program. Aside from tutoring, Alysha is also a freelance writer.

Kimberly F.

kim fremmerlid_edited.jpg

Kimberly has specialized for 27 years in ESL, elementary and middle school writing, as well as high school English and social studies. Her experience is enriched by two decades of homeschooling her four children, which has honed her ability to create personalized and engaging learning environments. Kimberly's dedication is deeply rooted in the fulfillment she derives from witnessing her students' academic growth and achievements. She fosters a nurturing space where students are encouraged to explore, learn, and maximize their potential. Kimberly holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies, with courses in globalization, linguistics, and psychology. This multifaceted background empowers her to bring a well-rounded and culturally sensitive approach to her tutoring. Kimberly's philosophy is captured in one of her favorite quotes by Rita F. Pierson: "Every child deserves a champion - an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." With Kimberly as a tutor, students find not just an educator, but a steadfast ally in their academic journey.

Dorothy L.


Dorothy is a certified Orton Gillignham associate and a graduate of McGill University. She is a highly trained and skilled tutor with a special focus on phonics education. Known for her ability to create a warm and creative learning environment, Dorothy consistently forms strong bonds with students and adapts her teaching strategies to her student's unique learning styles. Choosing Dorothy as a tutor means not just active engagement in learning, but also the empowerment to overcome challenges.

Teesha B.


Teesha, a BC-certified teacher, specializes in aiding students with diverse learning challenges such as ADHD, FASD, and ASD. She has a Bachelor's in Early Learning and Psychology. From her origins as a teaching assistant to her current role as a Surrey School District Teacher on Call, Teesha provides a nurturing, inspiring space for learners. She balances academic progress with emotional and social development through engaging, creative activities that foster critical thinking. Teesha prioritizes collaboration with families, developing a tailored support system for each student's goals and well-being. Choosing Teesha as your child's tutor means choosing a committed ally for your child's learning.

Sacha J.


Sacha is an Orton Gillingham trained tutor with fifteen-years work experience in behavioural therapy and academic support, Sacha is an expert in providing specialized intervention to individuals with a range of learning differences including Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, hearing loss, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome. As a certified OG practitioner, her approach is fortified by evidence-based strategies in literacy. As a mother and advocate, Sacha brings to the table a clear, patient perspective that forms the cornerstone of her approach. Her kindness, cheerful demeanor and her multifaceted approach make her an invaluable ally in the educational journeys of her students as she is able to strike a delicate balance between academic support, personal growth, and emotional well-being.

Riyah S.


Riyah has extensive training and experience in supporting students with ADHD and Autism. With over ten years work experience in public schools and respite care settings, Riyah's diverse background gives her a comprehensive understanding of children's educational and developmental needs. Riyah is known for her patience, adaptability, and positive outlook in her tutoring approach. Her patience ensures a non-threatening learning environment, her adaptability matches her teaching methods to each student's unique style, and her positivity fosters self-belief in students. Riyah holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. Her education, particularly vital when assisting children and youth with developmental delays. With Riyah, students receive academic support alongside holistic growth, fostering confidence and skills beyond the classroom.

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