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Reading Comprehension

How We Help With Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is more than just a class. Reading is a core skill that your child will need throughout the rest of their lives. Starting off reading right in the classroom gives your child the skills they need to be ready for the future.

As our country becomes more and more technologically advanced, no skill is more in demand than reading comprehension. The future leaders of tomorrow are going to need a robust set of reading skills to get ahead. We can help make sure that your child is building the foundation of a skilled reader.

We use an Orton Gillingham phonics approach to ensure that your child has the reading skills that they need. Reading can often be overlooked when it comes to tutoring and helping a child with their education, but this skill is the foundation of all other classes.

There’s no better way to give your kid a head start than with our reading tutors.

Our expert reading tutors are ready to help your child overcome any reading or writing difficulty.

Reading With The Orton Gillingham Approach

At the core of reading comprehension is understanding how the English language works. While there are only 26 individual letters, there are more than 44 different sounds, known as phonemes, and over 200 ways to arrange letters to create those sounds.

We use a version of the Orton Gillingham approach developed at Calgary Academy. This approach helps students break all of these complicated sounds into easy to manage pieces. This gives your child the basic building blocks of language comprehension. We work hard to make sure that your child is able to embrace reading and writing at this critical age.

Our Experienced Reading Tutors

When it comes to reading tutors, nothing beats experience.

Our tutors have some of the strongest experience in the industry. With years, sometimes even decades, of experience our tutors can help your child make the most out of their education and build the core reading, writing, and comprehension skills that they are going to rely on for years to come.

Our tutors aren’t just experienced with in-person tutoring. We also have what it takes to help your student through online tutoring sessions.

Today’s world demands students get a robust grasp on reading and writing earlier than ever before. Our tutors are ready and waiting to help make sure your child succeeds.

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