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Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential:
Get a Free Assessment and Consultation Today!

Why Choose Our Free Reading Assessment & Consultation?

  • Personalized Evaluation

We take a comprehensive approach to assess your child's reading level, strengths, and areas for improvement.

  • Expert Consultation

Get professional advice from educators specializing in literacy.

  • Customized Learning Plan

Receive a tailored reading plan designed to suit your child's specific needs.

  • No-Obligation

The assessment and consultation are entirely free with no obligation to enroll in any of our programs.

How It Works

  1. Schedule an Appointment:

    Use our simple online form to pick a date and time that works for you.

  2. Assessment:

    Our founder and reading specialist will conduct a one-on-one reading assessment with your child.

  3. Consultation:

    We'll discuss the results with you, outlining the steps and strategies to improve your child's reading skills.

  4. Action Plan:

    We will send you with a customized plan to move your child from struggling to thriving!

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