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Give your tween or teen the confidence they need to enter and thrive in high-school.

In our Advanced Readers program, students learn the 44 sounds and approximately 200 spelling variations associated with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Through a systematic Orton Gillingham based approach, students learn to combine sounds together to read  one, two and three syllable words. By the end of Levels 1 through 4, children demonstrate a significant improvement in their ability to sound out familiar and unfamiliar words and a marked improvement in reading fluency and spelling. It is not unusual for a student who completes this program, and the accompanying practice activities, to go up a full grade level in their reading. All students notice their reading is more accurate and that the process of learning to read has become much easier and more enjoyable! Our tutors create an environment over Zoom that is safe and comfortable for children to grow in their reading confidence. 

Level 1:

Intricacies of letter sounds such as digraphs and trigraphs (sounds represented by two-three letters) hard and soft letter sounds (i.e. g as /g/ and /j/) silent letters, short vowels and long vowel sounds. They will learn how to blend these sounds together to sound out and spell three to six letter letter words (i.e. cat, chat, chase, check, fetch, fudge, grudge)

Level 2:

Control r vowel sounds (i.e. ir, er, ur, ar, or - as in swirl, swerve, church, arch, swarm, chorus) and more about syllables (i.e. open versus closed syllables as in po versus pop as in Poland versus popcorn). He or she will learn to apply Lesson 1 and 2 elements to the decoding of multi-syllable words (i.e. cartridge, dispatch, principle)

Level 3:

Sound out the common vowel digraphs for all of the long vowel sounds (ay, ai, ee, ea as in array, jailor, decree, feat). They will apply this and what they have learned in Advanced Readers - Levels 1 & 2 to decoding many one, two and three syllable words.

Level 4:

Sound out and spell diphthongs (i.e. au, aw, oi as in August, paw, spoil) and other additional vowel digraphs (i.e. took, look, crook vs tool, loose, spool). He or she will also will learn to decode common prefixes and suffixes and then apply what they learned in Advanced Readers - Levels 1-4 to reading and spelling two, three and four syllable words (i.e. subdue, precisely, fictitious, occasion, elevation).

When: Ongoing.

Cost: $600 online / $700 in person

Cost Includes:

  1. Ten 50 minute one-on-one lessons

  2. Lesson notes after each lesson

  3. Practice activities for each lesson

Advanced Readers Intensive

At a Glance:

Ages 12-17
Ten 50 min lessons

4-5 days per week


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